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  1. MCA – Yacht Chef Chopping Board Standards & Food Safety Qualifications for Yachts

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    Yacht Chefs working in the superyacht industry globally need a standard to adher to for using colour coded chopping boards in galleys on yachts and also regarding Food Safety Certification on yachts.


  2. Update on SCC and applying for cert directly from MCA in UK

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    16 January 2015: Update on SCC and applying for cert directly from MCA in UK.

    There has been much confusion about the SCC and whether chefs need to complete the assessment or not..
    I know that some chefs are being issued with the SCC directly by the MCA in the UK if they can satisfy them that they have the relevant chef training, work experience and qualifications in their careers.

    I know of 2 experienced chefs who have gone directly to the MCA, submitted all their relevant docs and then been issued with the cert.
    So I would recommend to any professionally trained chef working on yachts that you follow this course before having to spend your own cash on the course in France.

    I would recommend you are up to date with Food Safety Level 2 from a recognised course provider as per the MCA list at…/…/MIN_479_Recgonised_qualifications.pdf

    RECOMMENDATION: Either contact or visit in person the Head Office of the MCA in Southampton and obtain some helpful info on where to send all your documentation to have it certified (for free) to satisfy the MCA that you do not need to sit the assessment.
    You will need to send off all relevant documents along with some pages from the MCA which you will need to fill in.
    You will also need to obtain a PSA Cert before the Ships Cook Cert will be issued.
    The PSA course in the UK takes 4 hours of sitting through a lecture on Marpol and other items – which are basically covered in the STCW, costs around 50 pounds. Very easy!

    PSA Course – Fireaid Academy in Hampshire
    MCA –…/organis…/maritime-and-coastguard-agency

    NOTE: this process doesn’t guarantee you get the SCC but it is likely that if you have the equivalent of 706/1/2 and worked and trained in pro kitchens early in your career and also have the yacht and sea time then I would think the MCA will feel you meet their requirements.
    This involves much paperwork filling on but must be worth it if you are issued the SCC.

  3. Food Safety (Hygiene) Level 2 Certificate

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    Regarding MIN 479 (M)

    Please note that its important you check your Food Safety (Hygiene) Certificate to see that the qualification number is one as recognised by MCA.

    The list of recognised qualifications can be seen in the table at

    If your current certificate doesn’t have a qualification number that appears on this list then chances are it wont be accepted by MCA. 

    Any doubts we would recommend you email MCA with copy of your certificate or telephone them and ask them to clarify situation relating to yours.

    Tel : +44 (0) 23 8032 9328.
    Fax : +44 (0) 23 8032 9251.
    General Inquiries:


    UPDATE: 17 OCTOBER 2014

    thanks to chef Anton Park for this update on the Level 2 Cert….
    Here is an example of one of the health and hygiene certificates which are accepted in order to to be assessed for the ships cooks certificate. see

    Please note that Virtual collage certificates are no longer accepted.

    However! The good news is that if you are in the UK you can simple call up your local environmental health department and ask if you can do a “refresher” which simply means you can sit the exam without having to do the full course. It cost me £48.00 and it took all of 9 minutes to complete.

    They also provided course literature to read which gives you all the info needed for the exam. If you have never done a health and hygiene course then I recommend you do the full course which is normally 3 days and costs the same £48.00 but that is in the UK. I don’t know about another country but I am sure if you call up you should be able to do the “refresher course” as I did.

    Here is a link to the accepted health and hygiene certs, check your cert numbers and compare to this list to see if yours is there. You will see that mine is there HABC Level 2 award in Food Safety in Catering (QCF) Certificate number (at the bottom) 500/5485/5

    Please note, you must have this cert or one that is on the above list in order to be assessed for the Ships Cooks Cert.

  4. Ships Cook Certificate – Update October 2014

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    On Monday 13th October we visited the Ships Cook Assessment in Antibes to see the facility and find out more about what the assessment entailed.

    We will shortly add to his page an update for our YCA member chefs on what to expect from the course and how to PREPARE for it!

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